Not All That Glitters is a Gift

Welcome! Welcome!To the 26th AnnualFruitcake Toss!A waste of timeA waste of foodBut no considerable loss Fruitcake Toss Day If a thousand peopleFall asleep in the woodsDid a festival ever happen? Festival of Sleep Day I can't say that I'm surprisedThe first chance of the yearAfter the promiscuous partiesDrunken antics,fear of holiday loneliness goneAfter the ultimatums,the … Continue reading Not All That Glitters is a Gift

You say you want a Resolution

For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice.T.S. Eliot Last year's voiceHoarseSpeaks in gibberishIt may be crazyIt may have seen too muchOr nothing at all Considering a new voice:I've decided Doctor Whois the way to go.I'm thinkingan older Glaswegian manOr maybea Yorkshire women's accent January 1st was … Continue reading You say you want a Resolution