Cinquain: The Schoolgirl Who Broke Her Leg

I had no problem with Faith in truth.From what I learned in school,pain comes from a misspent youthRegardless, a crutch is a useful tool, and our girl Faith, was an oblivious fool Cinquain is a class of poetic forms that employ a 5-line pattern. Created in 11th century France, it now refers to one of … Continue reading Cinquain: The Schoolgirl Who Broke Her Leg


Claw Tooth&Nail Scratch against the pale Civil lies A faceTo embrace & despise RiseFallStall The middle groundFound FightWithoutRespite ClawClawClaw ClimbConquerDevourPowerRaw ClawFor want of more ClawKeep nothing in store ClawLike none have before Claw Just rememberWhat forWhat forWhat for?

The Rhetorical Bear

I was hiking in the woodsWhen I came across a bearHe was stationarySomewhat distractedI took in his majestic gloryBut kept my distanceHe growled lowBut seemed relievedA moment laterHe was on his wayNowI can answerThat age old questionYes, they do it in the woods