Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

The free space within ourselves is greatA constant source of wonder and mysteryBefore we choose to question or contemplate      We ask what we want to beWe spread with inspiration from our conceptionYet we remain as an atomic outline Existing in the borders of our perception      One in which we struggle to defineMass on mass hovering a … Continue reading Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

Dechnad cummaisc: Dumb Luck

You question me throughout it all,try to rebuke,what occurrence we may befall,you call a fluke. I lie when I say it's a skill.You're right, I suck.The outcome, while it is my will,is still dumb luck. The decnad cummaisc is an Irish poetic form that employs quatrains with both end and internal rhymes. Here are the … Continue reading Dechnad cummaisc: Dumb Luck