Riddle: Winged Myth

I'm a carnivore and a cannibalBut I am not a beastFor my willingness to feast I'm not mythical or of the devilSaint George may cryBut the origin of my name's a misleading lie I'm unique with my four agile wingsGraceful through the skyCreating whirlwinds when I fly Welcome to games week! Posts this week will … Continue reading Riddle: Winged Myth

WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?

It was busy in the restaurant. They were short staffed, customers kept walking in, orders were piling up and mistakes were being made. The cherry on top, a birthday cake was missing.What happened to the cake? Who is to blame? I didn't eat it, said the chef. It was for a reservation.I didn't eat it, … Continue reading WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?