What is a Mökki?

What is a Mökki? A mökki is a cottage, usually found in the woods or next to a lake.In Finland, there are approximately 1.8 million mökkis – quite a few if you think there are only 5.5 million inhabitants. Tetris as¶children©becomes¦©packing[]the car{}as adults! TravelSicknessShould endIn transit (((local weather, foods, accommodation, and company dependent))) The price … Continue reading What is a Mökki?

Love & Hate

Love and hate form a circleRound and round they go They bleed into one anotherHand in hand, to and fro Senryu: The Price The price of true loveis the potential of itbecoming pure hate I looked up multiple definitions of hate in preparation of this week's posts. As I read, I realised, like love, no … Continue reading Love & Hate

Breccbairdne: The Journey is Outdated

Man makes his tunnel,an act beyond mortal.A cavity drivento cheat time by portal. Speed foremost unitesthe ultimate ideals,yet, what the depths concealed,the price of pace reveals Now we can warrantvalue by the decree:Destination only,and forget the journey. The breccbairdne is an Irish quatrain form. Here are the basic guidelines:Quatrain (or four-line stanza) formFive syllables in … Continue reading Breccbairdne: The Journey is Outdated


Caughtonastringand leftto hangAs a drawnbreath in an emptyroom images processedAn omen,  too soon blackmailed by red light a herringhaunts shadowed figures withpropositions unseen barterthe price of a meal ticketYou eat in thedark Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts

Pay The Price

Try before you buyAnd keep your receiptIts a world of refunds and returnsWhere definitive decisions and ultimatumsfloat without weightWhen we allow failsafesfor every rash judgementCommodities are devaluedIn the disposible lifestyle we have inheritedIf your not 100% happyIf the shine wearsTake it backCast it awayDemand your divorceQuitLife isn't fairIts brutalBut one thing never changesYou pay the … Continue reading Pay The Price