Poverty & Nonsense

Poor Rich poor,povertydifferences countpossessions can not make yourich Their World Thereis nothingwrong with the poor classThe problem is with the blind eyeworld Write an Oddquain about poverty.Oddquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 1/3/5/7/1 in 5 lines, developed by Glenda L. Hand. Just a Touch the question you askdecides the … Continue reading Poverty & Nonsense

Senryū: Poor depends on who is Counting

poverty still existscivilized world a deceptionmankind remains poor International Day for the Eradication of Poverty “Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit.” — Eli Khamarov Other Observances of Note: Clean Your Virtual Desktop DayNational Edge DayNational Fetch DayNational Mulligan DayNational Pasta DayNational Pay Back a Friend DayNavratri And to all you Spaghetti … Continue reading Senryū: Poor depends on who is Counting


Weakness splayed across the desert skinWhere cracks widen with devilish grinsThe porous drought stricken plain crumbles Braced against the ever present rumble There the earth swallows the unworthyUnwanted, malnourished, slaves of adversity Gone. Born solely to suffer a foreign sinA cavernous tremor ripples from within'I a mn e a rd e a t hI c … Continue reading Cracks