Treochair: Summer, Bees & Pleas

Perhaps Pray and pleaProphets please, perhaps plays partAnd priests prayers profit me Cheeky Bee I would beThe happiest honey beeIf you were a bee with me Take my shotSweeten the fine fingered spotSlip inside your honey pot Impending Death of Summer All is funSights and sun on and on, thenIt's deader than deadly done Treochair: … Continue reading Treochair: Summer, Bees & Pleas

I Shall Be Pleasing

My conditionMy statusDepends on you You are the hopeThat sees me through I shall be pleasingYou whisperSweet songs to my ear Our relationshipBuilt on lies You do nothing for meStill I need youWhat would I do without you How could I ever say noHow could I ever let go Of my placebo

Quarantine Love

I hold you firmly by the hand Looking deep Into your eyes With all my passion I whisper For the love of God Please Shut up! Dedicated to all the children out there, and to the parents who have been stuck at home with them for over a month.