Far from Common

Common Cat Names Millie and MollyKitty and CatGinger and JasperOscar and DoormatTiger and TiggerMisty and MaxSmokey and SmudgeSocks and SnorlaxMissy and MoseyCharlie and ChopPoppy and PussDaisy and the Lord of Darkness, Snugglepop (the top 10 most popular cat names across US, UK and AUS + a couple of my own) Senryu:to a pet You are … Continue reading Far from Common

From Farm to Mansion

Celebrity PetsCan you match the pet to the owner: Salvador Dali ~ LemursElvis Presley ~ Sulcata TortoiseFrida Kahlo ~ AnteaterKirstie Alley ~ KangarooKristen Stewart ~ DeerLeonardo DiCaprio ~ Wolf Answers below "I just heard that dog Paris Hilton carried around lives in a 300,000 dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. The thing even has its own … Continue reading From Farm to Mansion

The Devil’s Eye & Balls

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”Martin Buber The devil's eyeIs watching meEncroaching On my territorySwitching inand out sightLike a fireballOf lightI will catch youI swear it trueThen I'll paw, clawAnd devour you (Excerpt from the stage show 'Cats,' laser pointer scene) Praying on a Tennis Ball Oh, heavenly delightWithin my sightA … Continue reading The Devil’s Eye & Balls