Acceptance of Harmony

Harmony arrives by compliment And perfection is found in its completion Yet, neither can be found in a mirror The reflection lives within itself Two unique perspectives, both equal Symbiotically entwined with the senses Where acceptance is only possible By an observer outside looking in Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Harmony


If I live to deal out truth bombsAm I considered the enemy?Perhaps, but damn you call me verminI perform this service for free I see your effort, how hard you tryThe struggle that life bringsBut nothing can last foreverThe shine wears off all things I'm teaching you the way of the worldChaos swimming in shitThat's … Continue reading Pigeonholed


Anywhere&Everywhere Is a vespasienneIf you have an audience Vespasienne (also known as a Pissoir in French) is a French invention common in Europe that provides a urinal in public space. I thought I would class this post up with a little French.As they say everything sounds better in French.