Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

The One Merely to have knownis to have been touchedMerely to have lovedis to have been enough Faces of the Altering Brut A soul searching sun had pried deep insideI see with abnormal eyes that have driedAnd I stare into my discontentFor I misled you, I misleadBecause I am, I am man, I inventAnd ask … Continue reading Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

Beautiful Vision

Not deep the poet sees, but wide.– Matthew Arnold Write Vision Scope, is what I gift to youBut it comes at a costA parade in endless visionsOf friends and family lost A questionable demeanorProblems with drugs and drinkA reclusive personaDoubts for every thought you think Every man's downfallYou are privileged to see it allI give … Continue reading Beautiful Vision

Address the Look

We construemeaning froma graceful pauseStyle as an art formprowling the catwalkwith erratic meanderingpoise, presence, purposework manufacturing an edgeGoading for a reaction of shockA response to stave off obscuritya hideousdressstealsfocusas muchas abeautiful one Yet Both will remainOne in the mindAndOne in the heart I used a random word generator for all posts this week. See below.The … Continue reading Address the Look