It’s Only Natural

notchesand scoreshold the secretsof a birch wood SOS Crickets Wait until duskto make your presence knownOne is a monotonous comfortprovided it continues alone A chorus howeveryour ears begin to bleedAll the while you ask yourselfwhat exactly is the need? Water sucks at the rocksin an erotic displayof dominance Surrounded by natureI feelthe earth is a … Continue reading It’s Only Natural

Ae freislighe: The Starch Saviour

People in the afterglowmarch yourselves to the steeplePraise be to the potato starch saviour of the people Quatrain stanzas (4-line stanzas)7 syllables per lineLines 1 and 3 rhyme together, but they rhyme as three syllables (xxa)Lines 2 and 4 rhyme together as two syllables (xb)The final syllable, word, or line of the entire poem should be … Continue reading Ae freislighe: The Starch Saviour