Skilled Thoughts

Aristotlelian thoughtDenied the essence of faultsAnd denounced flaws required of a systemWhat is the intention of the system?That which is not of its natureIs unnecessary?Doesn't education through action and reaction make it so? Debased Expectations: In my defence,I should never have been given power tools ConsiderPerceptionAs a skill Constantly trainedWith every waking moment It wasn'tan … Continue reading Skilled Thoughts

Children’s Rhyme: Klaus the Clever Fisherman

Klaus the peculiar fishermanLived up in a treeWhat made him most peculiarWas that he'd never seen the sea Klaus the staring fishermanStared at the forest from his treeWaiting for a familiar rustleThat would soon come to be Klaus the prepared fishermanGot his fishing rod readyHe swung it out over the branchAnd held the line real … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Klaus the Clever Fisherman