Deception Comes in Many Forms

The futuredoes notask questionsYet, the pastechoes your name                                    in answer I thoughtand thatwas the problemIgnorance that doe eyed beastTurned  and fled Beauty is butOne form of deceitA ribbonfine, pamperedto a bowDistracting and concealingthe giftof an empty box Weekly Theme:Original Twisting Tail Format Monday: Flash FictionTuesday: TankaWednesday: Free Verse PoetryThursday: Rhymed poetryFriday: LimerickSaturday: haiku/senryüSunday: Children's Rhyme

A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1

Haiku 1 the burning red flamessun set on the battlefieldhell on earth deserved A Kiss Through Crossfire Compatible to common intrigues neitherinvision anthologies scraped to witherSet no boundaries, then state for betterescaping dreams to dream whenever For all due to transpirea kissthrough crossfireis due in the never Begotten from mouth, two eyean infestation to combine … Continue reading A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1