The Evil Passion Returned

Hatred the Evil Passion Emotion, requires commitmentDedication, saturates the soulA drain, the constant resentmentAnd force inevitably takes its toll Reciprocate, do onto othersHumanity, will follow the fashionDwelling on thoughts of past loversFuels hatred, the evil passion Hatred is the adulterous child of love and loss Be passionate in all you doLet that hate shine on … Continue reading The Evil Passion Returned

Screaming into a Gale Force Wind

I find myselfScreamingInto a gale force windSeduced by the freedomOf venting rageAgainst rageWhen I look into your eyesWe calm Your breezeCarries away my painUntil the swell rises againWe rouse another stormAnd unleash a calamityWithin each otherBeforewe finally fallStill

Quarantine Love

I hold you firmly by the hand Looking deep Into your eyes With all my passion I whisper For the love of God Please Shut up! Dedicated to all the children out there, and to the parents who have been stuck at home with them for over a month.