Magic Turkey & Honesty

Magic Turkey     Composedbeyond paint    and parchment                Broad strokes   numbered fivespreadin brown and red  a turkeyappearsfrom the hand 6. Compose a poem about hands Honesty Heroines swoonHe'll be here soon Villains bewareHe knows you're there The time has comeMay all succumb The hero is hereEvil live in fear He stands, a godly destroyerThe one, the … Continue reading Magic Turkey & Honesty

Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

Floors coated in newspaperpaint tins standing by,under the torn wallpaper,something caught my eye. Ancient text long forgotten,the message read clear.Jesus waz ere, twenty-ten,then, a sudden fear. If this tag was genuine,second coming gone,there must be a redesign,a third coming on. Now, how can I benefitYes, I think I know,The answer is evident:make a Netflix show … Continue reading Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

Camouflaged in Charcoal

Camouflaged in charcoalUpper lip blackenedClenched jaw chiselledPunctured sockets whereDeath swirls and poolsBut does not penetrateA sheltered soulA rusted tin heartA ruby red leakA shell of a man resignedHollowed over timeSo far withinBeyond blameA haunted vesselNothing entersNothing escapes Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts