In absolute silence I hear multitudes Of creatures Mingled screeches At a frequency Just beyond perception. A shrill sound High pitched Pulsating Growing Becoming A deafening roar It surrounds me Penetrates me Resonating In my very skull The commotion of life Keeps the burden at bay And I have peace For a moment From the … Continue reading Tinnitus

Palindrome: Order & Pain

Poetry: the best words in the best order.Samuel Taylor Coleridge Pain, such is existence That knowledge numbsDreams circlingTo escape Where life compels chaosSo reigns ORDER reigns, so chaos compels life Where escape To circling dreamsNumbs knowledgeThat existence is such pain Palindrome:Also Known as Mirrored Poetry, starts with an initial poem and then hinges on a … Continue reading Palindrome: Order & Pain

Incessant Dung Beetle

The painstabbingBehind my right eyeRipples outtoward my templeFrayed nervesWear thinTrampledby the incessant dung beetlerolling an endless convoy of shit The burdensome swellLodgedin my brainInhibits functionI can onlyFind reliefThroughEmptying my mindOf allconversationswith you

Sorrow Of The Soul

A bleeding soul bereft Can see nothing left But the jagged shards Of a cavernous hollow Raw as exposed bone Yet numb to touch alone The mourning period We endure will follow To feel the natural pain Defence must inevitably wain To allow the soul Time to feel sorrow