Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation

Fear the love that does not grow each dayWhere stagnate buds wilt into decaypetrified petals screech vexationand tortured roots become fixation Clarity forms in stark concessiontrue love is not found in obsession Each line in the stanza is nine syllables long.The stanza has an even number of lines.Each line in the stanza end rhymes with … Continue reading Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation


A lovers flight in shaded obsession Startled on the brink of succession The prickling of the cursed skin Moves quickly there, then takes within Quakes a rich volcanic blend Of wanton sins to begin and end There captures an unfaltering sprite To accompany each wakeful night

Walk Away

A dance of emotion With natural progressions Is more than motion One can play the fool Two at the same game Defies the rule Call it as you see Not the blurred image You've dreamed it to be You want me to stay But I can solve it all If I just walk away