The Great Reveal

  The scaffolding had cloaked the great Kaaba for more than a year.  A simple restoration was long overdue, but delays in the schedule had gone on much longer than expected. People had begun to speculate, was this more than a simple restoration, could this be an improvement, some form of redesign? Nothing of that … Continue reading The Great Reveal

Fox on the Highway  (all THe gory stuff) 

      There's a fox on the highway Skipping about the Median strip An eye catching display for traffic Also a misleading distraction on a trip   Bleeding hearts and simple minds Too innocent to know better lose sight A semi jack-knifes, the blue bus stops in time But a procession backs up for … Continue reading Fox on the Highway  (all THe gory stuff) 


    This is John Sade, keeping you up to date with the latest developments from New York, which is currently experiencing the most alarming weather phenomenon in the history of mankind. People are calling it 'The devil's rapture.' So far it is localised to the island of Manhattan. Entire buildings have been turned to … Continue reading Rain