Blank Pages

Before my daily post I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a thank you, for all the support. The beginning, always repeating, is its own end. And to that end, we begin again.We attempt to trace a line without realising the pages move with us. All that is left is a … Continue reading Blank Pages

What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts

Youth is outlivedEnvy only encumbersAntagonists rise aboveRallying against the numbers the earth follows the sunthe moon abides the tide The PathClosedBirthLife &DeathOfTheCurcuit The wake& The wokeFight over which precedes& which proceeds spinning stoneskimming the universerippling outward What is a year? Mercury 87.97 daysVenus 224.7 daysEarth 365 daysMars 1.88 yearsJupiter 11.86 yearsSaturn 29.46 yearsUranus 84.01 yearsNeptune 164.79 … Continue reading What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts

Future Visions

The sun shinesbrightthen burns Without glassesdark spotsbecome spiders The horizonslipsout of grasp My searching handsfindnothing The miragecreatedfrom fear Future visionsfleeat the sight of me Weekly Theme: New Year