It’s Only Natural

notchesand scoreshold the secretsof a birch wood SOS Crickets Wait until duskto make your presence knownOne is a monotonous comfortprovided it continues alone A chorus howeveryour ears begin to bleedAll the while you ask yourselfwhat exactly is the need? Water sucks at the rocksin an erotic displayof dominance Surrounded by natureI feelthe earth is a … Continue reading It’s Only Natural

A Cabin in the Woods

"Cozy cottagein the woodsSo beautifuland picturesque."Murder Victim One – The start of allgreat horror movies Well water is swellso cool and pristineUntil you find Uncle Billuses it as a latrine senryü:breathe I breathe the air inThe air is a part of meI breathe the air out Woodpecker, How long did it take? To figure outRepeatedly … Continue reading A Cabin in the Woods

We Are Home

Nerves reach the iris of the skyAn azure reassurance up on highThe eye winks, anticipating prayerFingers clasp shut releasing airA sermon preached in shifting leavesForm a cocoon of unity each believesAnswers in the silence roamEvery one whispers 'we are home' Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts