Honest Feeling

Fib: feel what's best HarshRudeBlunt truthHonestyThrough rigorous lawBecomes the greatest policy Abbreviated Haiku: innocence goes free HonestIn the way a child can care Hay(na)ku: child'hood' CurfewDiscarded toysEmpty playground swings Naani: geneal nuisance I never thoughtI would meet anyoneas annoying as myself  ... and then I had children Abbreviated Haiku: stinking, stinging logic Piss soaked jeansmorning … Continue reading Honest Feeling

Wanton Want

Couplet: opening statement I'll keep it shortSo there's time for a retort Naani: to know what is missing Noone gets everything they wantExcept for the man  without imagination  Acrostic: want Want must notAt any point be mistaken forNeed or values willTumble with greed 6 words The greed feeds my hollow bones Zappai: honest policy I … Continue reading Wanton Want