Unbeelievable Revenge & Myth

Do you believe in magic?How about sea monsters?Okay, but what about unicorns?Great! Welcome to Scotland! Fact: The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. B902: What the hell are you doing up here?You won't find any flowers. B756: Revenge. B902: What? B756: That guy stole my flowers. I'll follow him to the top of this … Continue reading Unbeelievable Revenge & Myth

Magic Turkey & Honesty

Magic Turkey     Composedbeyond paint    and parchment                Broad strokes   numbered fivespreadin brown and red  a turkeyappearsfrom the hand 6. Compose a poem about hands Honesty Heroines swoonHe'll be here soon Villains bewareHe knows you're there The time has comeMay all succumb The hero is hereEvil live in fear He stands, a godly destroyerThe one, the … Continue reading Magic Turkey & Honesty