Hard Truths

I'll get you, and I'll make it look like a bloody accident -  The Cat in the Hat [6/6, 6:36 am] BM ool nokc look l cc inn b                       no nnn cc monkmo [6/6, 6:36 am] to Ann nñn no J NJ xx n nnn ñ in k bi ok I'm Koo  Dr m    me … Continue reading Hard Truths

Under the Influence

My wife doesn't knowI sneak out for BrandyShe lives two blocks overWhich I find rather handy A lead from the fluentMore often than notIs guise of the most truantUnder the influence of rot Evil Nod The search copter swirleda red and yellow car in its sightsThey backed their prey into a cornerand centred the blinding … Continue reading Under the Influence

Haibun: Balanced on a Blade

What must happen to find reason on a ledge, peering into the abyss or seeking council in the poorly lit corners of the mind. Shaded, breeding contempt for love; pure darkness dwells in these thoughts.                      thoughts of a heartstring           life and death a beat apartbalanced on a blade                                        A blade to target the … Continue reading Haibun: Balanced on a Blade