Fun with Fear

Fear of flying,flying anxiety,flying phobia,flight phobia,aviophobia,aerophobiaAll words for the same thingWhile I have no issues flyingI consider it a perfectly reasonable fearWe don't have wings afterall,what business do we have in the air Click Here 8 tips for conquering fear of flying American haiku: second hand smoking ever smoked jet fuel?you're so highyou never come … Continue reading Fun with Fear

Immortal Illumination

Happy Easter to All! death is swallowed up in victory1 Corinthians 15:54 O'er Golgotharises the battle cry.'To immortality,We shall never die' He is risen.Matthew 28:6 Even more impressivesince it's Sundayand a day off. One man.One act.Alone.To saveAll mankind. Tom Cruise'Is back!' Resurrection In cinemas this Easter LifeIlluminates The sunRises and falls Rises againRenewed In beliefDarkness … Continue reading Immortal Illumination