Change through Deprivation

The strength of an antThe bite of a leechThe flap of a butterfly wingA change within reach A change through deprivationAvail, you mortal abashedMorals and emulationEnd tortured, lashed Sensory deprivationOpens mindsOur world holds closed Depravity and corruptionCombated with deprivationInevitably it ends...In eruption Weekly Theme: Lost Phone I lost my phone, which held weeks of posts … Continue reading Change through Deprivation

Children’s Rhyme: The Evil Plot of Ice Cubes McWhiskers

Earth was getting hotThe walrus villainIce Cubes McWhiskers, would notFor he...had prepared his evil plot A rocket to the sunPacked full of sunscreenAnd the work was nearly doneSoon...It would be winter for everyone Seal Team Five were sentto foil his attemptDown into his lair they wentBut met...Polar bear henchmen on their decent A fight broke … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Evil Plot of Ice Cubes McWhiskers

We Are Lost

We are lost.False morals.A life wrapped in hide,Burdened thenBranded,Dried and thendyed. WeSuccumb.We circumvent,WhereHonour blinds,Favor nobility circumspectAnd label honest indirect,For our calloused hearts and minds. If you breed a beastAnd let him lose inside,The house is deathFor the home has died. What comes of these lies?Sheltered eyesWill crave darkness,And dwellIn a hellThey call home. The one … Continue reading We Are Lost