Mano-Kra, The Eater of Souls

A word of warning. I'll be posting horror all week. Reader discretion is advised. If you're still here, welcome to Halloween Week! The rotten seed in man's darkest ageSprouted to fruition through jealousy and rageAn insatiable parasite of immaculate conceptionMano-Kra, the untouchable rose long before deception Dwelling in the depths of each mortal soulAs life's … Continue reading Mano-Kra, The Eater of Souls

Thrill Of The Chase [For the hearing impaired]

[eerie music][leaves rustling][distant metal clatter][nearby howl] [gasps][intense music][racing footsteps echo down hallway][high pitched claws scraping on wall][tired panting][animalistic shrieks][sobbing][door handle shaking][door creaks open][low growl][footsteps approach][stifled moans][claws slowly clicking on tile floor][heartbeat thumping rapidly][sniffs air][muffled breathing][door slams closed][exhales]