When the Magic Happens

Monostich: mischievous morpheus On the borderline of sleep dwells mishap The weight upon a lazy eyeIn slumber were fortunes fareCast there on a cat of nineand remind these hands of mine Negligence: Not a saucy garment for bedNegligee: Not an absence of sense... well.... My name? It's exotic, alluring, dangerous, sexyLike a premonition coming to … Continue reading When the Magic Happens

Treats For All

I've developed a taste for them. It's a dog biscuit So? So, how does one develop a taste for dog biscuits? Well, it all started last dog biscuit appreciation day... Why can't you be like your Brother, Cake The bastard love childNo longer a fruit,And never to be a cakeRaises expectationsWith a deceptive scentThe result … Continue reading Treats For All

Ribbon & Thread Bridges

Senryu: A Common Thread detached at both endstrace a stationary linewatching for the curve Monostich: Shore Footed I walk across blades of grass that cut waves to ribbons. Quatrain: Sell My Ass Riding a donkeyrickety rope bridge aheadI'll sell my assIf I don't end up dead Weekly Theme:Micropoetry