Layers ripple into the infiniteStaining through and overlappingJumbled messages, mongrel signalsTaint the pristine avenues of the synapsesThe pathways impassable are abandonedAnd a mirror's reflection no longer permits the senses Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts

Mirror, Mirror

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" "That's a vague question. What do you mean by fairest?" "Do you mean treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination? Then honest Abe, named after honest Abel, would be the answer. Never has there been a more majestic mule in all the land." "If … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Let The Words Flow

Words_________like_____droplets_____landing_____________upon_______the________page____________unsettling____tranquility___________Disturbing_________serenity__________the_____mirror_________altered_______now____What___is_______there_______is_____what_____you_________have______released___What____it____becomes_________A____________________ripple______________Or_______crashing_____waves________Depends______What_____________________Reflects__________from________you_____.-.. . -     - .... .     .-- --- .-. -.. ...     ..-. .-.. --- .--