Ribbon & Thread Bridges

Senryu: A Common Thread detached at both endstrace a stationary linewatching for the curve Monostich: Shore Footed I walk across blades of grass that cut waves to ribbons. Quatrain: Sell My Ass Riding a donkeyrickety rope bridge aheadI'll sell my assIf I don't end up dead Weekly Theme:Micropoetry

Zen, Calm & Necessary Force

Senryu: Free Space I exhale a calmfreeing the peripherystill the open field Limerick: Inher Piece I once knew a man named BenWho was schooled in the art of zenWhen he found a nice pieceHe enjoyed sweet releaseThen returned to his meditation again Necessary Force Force isn't the wayThat's what I used to thinkbeforeI developeda tasteFor … Continue reading Zen, Calm & Necessary Force

Sweet Monday Release

Senryu: Release action flows freelya welling spout releasestremors in my soul Shitty Monday Simplicity is the dish of the dayDon't expect substanceyou wouldn't want it anywayIt is afterallanother shitty MondaySo, chill out, relax,your McDonald's equivalentis right this way Syllable Cinquain: Sweet Peach Sweet peachJuicy, tastyShining, curving, bouncing.I want to take a bite of thoseRipe cheeks … Continue reading Sweet Monday Release