[Pedantic Idiot] "I looked, there's nothing under there. If it's so important it should be clear and understandable. Nothing is under the line." [Innocent] "The line is under the important text. Underlined!" [Pedantic Idiot] "You mean you drew a line under the important text." [Innocent] "Same thing." [Pedantic Idiot] "Is it though?" {Innocent gives derisive … Continue reading Underline


Old Sparky was ready. The state electrician adjusted the electrodes on the prisoner. "Any last words before you're execution?" Corriger whimpers, how did it come to this? I was trying to be helpful, to make sure a situation like this wouldn't occur. "There's been a misunderstanding. All I said, was that the judge could use … Continue reading Execution

Big Bang

"The universe began as a very hot, small, and dense superforce. Then, bang! A big bang, matter exploded outward exponentially and over time gathered to form the universe we know today. Do you understand?" "You did that just so you could explode an egg in the microwave, didn't you?" "Maybe." "Clean it up deGrasse."