Change Before Birth

You can't change who you are, and you shouldn't be asked to.Johnathan Mooney To beOr not to beIs not a question for meThat BE got nothing on me Your origin storyStarts before you are bornNow you are freeDecidewhat kind of hero you will be(But not Captain ADHD,I'm saving that for me) Genially, I askGenius, you … Continue reading Change Before Birth

Dizain: Underlying Fear

The limited experience of youthFocused as only blood-shot eyes can seeWho live lives breeding pure anger as proofWith the surge the urge wakes purpose to beIlluminate a life led aimlesslyThe belligerent voices of clenched fistsCast echoes where sense no longer existsThe louder one yells the less one can hearThere's no escaping what your soul insistsGreet … Continue reading Dizain: Underlying Fear

The Invisible Enemy

I can not see himBut in fearI cower I senseThe attack UnprovokedHe strikes With precision timing and placement He overpowers meRestrains me IgnoresMy pleas This invisible enemy Who knowsMy thoughtsMy dreamsMy fears StaysOne step ahead And always will For the enemyIs within me TheEnemyIsMeEugi's Weekly Prompt: Underdog