A Perfect Marriage

"In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved."Samuel Butler [Priest] If anyone has a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.{silence. Wedding guests cast sideways glances}[Priest] Okay, I'll start counting. 3, 2, seriously, no one?{Church Doors swing open. Man enters running}[Wedding Crasher] [panting] Wait! Wait![Priest] Oh, … Continue reading A Perfect Marriage

A Single Smile

A single smile can change the world I know Because your smile changed mine I knew then In that first moment I was lost Forever Lost To the world We knew before Now Years later We are together Finding the way In our own little world Happy World Smile Day!

With this Bottle Opener, I Thee Wed

"So this is really happening?" asked Councilman Corona in disbelief."Yes," began Chairman Snow." The vote was unanimous. The bill will be passed. From this day forth, any man.""Or woman," interrupted committee member Tsingtao."Yes, thank you. Or woman, will be legally within their rights to marry any beer; be it individual, six pack, case, or keg, … Continue reading With this Bottle Opener, I Thee Wed


From the day I met youI held your handIn mine From the day I loved youI held your heartIn mine From the day I knew youI held your soulIn mine The strength of our bondIs told in one wordIt is not you or IIt isUs Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Mighty