Life and Death of a Day

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.Bern Williams Gallop you bastille steedsHelios dreams without yokeGuide your phantom chariotfreed through a sky of smoke Zappai: evening matinee bruised darkness descendsto quash the set performancecurtains call the end Research shows that sunsets have many psychological effects that enhance the long-lasting satisfaction of life … Continue reading Life and Death of a Day

A Place to Rest

Among other things, culture is the decision as to how a corpse is to be returned to the soil.Mokokoma Mokhonoana Stark mountains exhale cloud plumesgathering a welcoming skyWithin the earth and out exhumesa shelter for spirits to lie lune: life's markers the value of soiltumulusburial lands found Elaborate burial customs are a sure sign of … Continue reading A Place to Rest

Sound of a Bare Soul

Tricubes: soul bared barefoot walkgrass dewytoes tickled I feel calmwith the earthsole to soul many thanksto you whostole my shoes Hay(na)ku: shoelaces falllet loosedeath row noose Senryü: end ready I followed the ropedisturbed when I found the endthat I was ready Abbreviated Haiku: resounding impact silencethe pin dropsbroken Lune: audiosyncratic will you keep singingin silencewhen … Continue reading Sound of a Bare Soul

Wanton Want

Couplet: opening statement I'll keep it shortSo there's time for a retort Naani: to know what is missing Noone gets everything they wantExcept for the man  without imagination  Acrostic: want Want must notAt any point be mistaken forNeed or values willTumble with greed 6 words The greed feeds my hollow bones Zappai: honest policy I … Continue reading Wanton Want