Sound of a Bare Soul

Tricubes: soul bared barefoot walkgrass dewytoes tickled I feel calmwith the earthsole to soul many thanksto you whostole my shoes Hay(na)ku: shoelaces falllet loosedeath row noose Senryü: end ready I followed the ropedisturbed when I found the endthat I was ready Abbreviated Haiku: resounding impact silencethe pin dropsbroken Lune: audiosyncratic will you keep singingin silencewhen … Continue reading Sound of a Bare Soul

Wanton Want

Couplet: opening statement I'll keep it shortSo there's time for a retort Naani: to know what is missing Noone gets everything they wantExcept for the man  without imagination  Acrostic: want Want must notAt any point be mistaken forNeed or values willTumble with greed 6 words The greed feeds my hollow bones Zappai: honest policy I … Continue reading Wanton Want

Head in the Clouds

We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.Winston Churchill Progress shroudedConsciousness cloudedSpikes afront the heavensHijacked dharma prepares the mortar Youth buildsin the watchful eyesand guiding handsOf those set in their way Lune: intentions in words Babbel in their heartsAmbitionsBabble in their throats Hay(na)ku: upended bones FamiliarCloaked skeletonsEmbrace the sky Before skyscraper was used for buildings … Continue reading Head in the Clouds