By Chance

OnlyBy chanceDear wayfarerBeyond the paleWill you find the accidental trailYet, bySeekingA shroud will guidenight and dayAs if there can be no other way "Do I need to wear this helmet?" "Of course not. If you fall you can just get a new head from the store." I fear, I hope,And in hesitationI fumble ASuccessful Hail … Continue reading By Chance

Abhanga: So Lucky

I pray you were ableto have a good night's restand are feeling your best,you know you should I congratulate youon waking up today.Not everybody maybe so lucky Abhanga: “the completion” is a stanzaic form commonly used for devotional, cynicism, satire and reflective moods. It was popular from the 13th through to the 17th century, in … Continue reading Abhanga: So Lucky