Drinks, Laughs & Wishes

Limerick: drink drank drunk The old drunk had quit the drinkAnd no one knew what to thinkBut what was bizarreWas he took it too farHe died, dehydrated beside a sink "I don't believe I've ever chortled.""I do all the time, especially when I think about my life."She laughed. He listened. "You're right, it's more of … Continue reading Drinks, Laughs & Wishes

What is a Pet?

"The woman who served me called me, pet.""So?""So, I rubbed up against her leg and licked her face. We have to go. Now." pet/pɛt/noun: pet; plural noun: petsA domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure. Lazy Limerick:Yorpette I once had a dog named, YorpetteWho needed to be taken to the vet"Is this your … Continue reading What is a Pet?