thơ bốn chữ: Life & Light

Life I have not livedA year now goneLiving a normal lifeTime spent in dreams Light I absorb the lightI expel a shadowI slow at nightI want to glow The elements of the thơ bốn chữ (Four Word Verse) are:Stanzaic, written in couplets, each line has 4 words.Rhymed or unrhymed, with tonal inflection. Weekly Theme:Vietnamese Poetry … Continue reading thơ bốn chữ: Life & Light

An Incision in Black

   An incision in blackThe vast canopy  of the night sky    rupturesA faint glintilluminatesThe slither pierces as if by scalpelbeaming down upon an  operating tableThrough dim anesthesiabalance tottersThe waivering channel lurestoward a final light  leading onward "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."-Aristotle Weekly Theme:Quote Prompts


Caughtonastringand leftto hangAs a drawnbreath in an emptyroom images processedAn omen,  too soon blackmailed by red light a herringhaunts shadowed figures withpropositions unseen barterthe price of a meal ticketYou eat in thedark Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts