A Angry agnosticAsk againAnswers aboveAre always alien B Beware bastards bowing before brilliance C Clever catsCriss crossCausing carefulCounter corrections D Dormant dormiceDefy daysDecidedly distantDrawn deeper downDreaming dazed dreams E Eyes eventually enter eternity F Face factsForce frictionFind form (I don't have time for every letter. Here's one more) T Take timeTo tear tormentorsTo the tendonsTwist … Continue reading Tautogrammathon

dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Some rules are ridiculous,more troublethan they're worth.Pedestals of bureaucracy,the brakesupon the earth. Fact: The first person convicted of speeding was going 12kmh (eight mph)On January 28, 1896, Walter Arnold of the English village of Paddock Wood, Kent, was spotted going four times the speed limit. The nerveTo call me a pervI expect an apologyWhen you're … Continue reading dot the i’s and cross the t’s