April Poetry: Leaf Blowers and Stealing

Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal. – T. S. Eliot Mature poets steal; immature poets imitate.T. T. Tail April Poetry(this is not great, I know.) Tear, apply, tailor poetry Rely a pilot a rapport yetrarely tip toe, pay portalPrey a trial or aptly poetTroop player, tap reality  Try April, play to ear poet AnagrammaticAnagrammatic poetry is poetry … Continue reading April Poetry: Leaf Blowers and Stealing

Seguidilla: Leave

Go the way of scattered leaves   drifting on and on    Caught in the blinking eye     flitters, shudders, gone. If one ever deceives the answer is what holds strong true love never leaves Seguidilla started off as a song before eventually settling on an established poetic form. Specifically, seguidilla began as a dance … Continue reading Seguidilla: Leave