Girls & Engineering Diets

What did you discover? A girl. Don't get out much, do you? Senryu: The Other AI Digital learningArtificial idiotFails all his classes Girl: What's that?Boy: Simple engineering.Girl: What?Boy: You know, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, buildings. Pretty much all manner of structures and machines, among other things.Girl: Oh, I've never heard of any of those things. … Continue reading Girls & Engineering Diets

Children’s Rhyme: Bark & Bork

Two little dogs were out for a walk One named Bark And one named Bork Such a lovely day Bark said to Bork There's just one thing We need to talk Any chance it could wait Bork said to Bark Were still outside And it's getting quite dark That's the one thing I want to … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Bark & Bork