I had plansThat's the thing to rememberThe intentI was gonna do somethingBut then, I don't knowYou know how it isStuff happensI woke upsat down for a while, to wake up properlyHad a cup of coffeeAnd another (Then one more to be sure)Received a random phone callSent some textsAnd considered answering EmailsHad a Nana NapChecked Facebook, … Continue reading Lazy

A Still Stone Welcomes The Moss 

"Have you heard, a rolling stone gathers no moss?" "Of course, and I know what you're getting at, but I'm happy where I am, I'm happy with moss. So, I'll stay right here thank you." "Well, nice to know that you're comfortable settling." "You know, a rolling stone may not gather moss, but it probably … Continue reading A Still Stone Welcomes The Moss