Torture & Eve

Torture Knowledge once spokenis scaped in aweThe world was fed a tokenthen left ignored Eve Once upon an eve weatheredI stay awake the nightTo see the stars have their warsOnly to be defeated Their nemesisShone brighter that mornBrighter than it ever had With a vast cackle across the night skyThe sun opened it's wide wingsTo … Continue reading Torture & Eve

Children’s Rhyme: Let’s Take A Look

I was frightened at firstBut then, I was just a kidI caught a quick glimpseAs it ducked and it hid. It ran, I gave chaseWhere are you going? I pausedand out of curiosity Those legs, are they yours? The little book, pages flutteringjust ran and ranI found it cowering in the bookcasePretending to be a … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Let’s Take A Look

Form & Flow

The caress of an ancientand well known forceGranted allowance to runthe necessary courseA surge of fear guideseach unexpected quakeNatural selection abidesnature left in the wake At once within the bellyfissures will convulsePurge a heated bilethick and quick to repulseThe deluge will flowas ink channeled by feverAnd convert unbiased both believer and deceiver Then stifle the … Continue reading Form & Flow