The 6th King

"It is agreed. The King's uncle, John, Duke of Bedford, will be appointed Senior Regent of the Realm in charge of the ongoing war in France. During his absence, the government will be maintained by the King's second uncle, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, who will be granted the title of Lord Protector and Defender of … Continue reading The 6th King

Children’s Rhyme: The Hound Dog King

A little less conversationKeep it down you guysNo more RubberneckingKeep those eyes on the prize The suspicious minds are thinkingBut they don't see the Jailhouse rockCome on hurry up, ElvisIt's time to pick the lock As the prisoners broke free, he saidIt's now or never, I wish you wellIf you ever need to find meI'll … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Hound Dog King