Response to Inaction

How can one justify an actionWith the sole purpose of satisfactionWhat honorable life we may defyWhittling away hours in the pursuit of a lieSaddled with a building pressure deferredWe succumb, dwelling in our vice preferredNature just, truth blind, and trust too kindWe passively allow this to repeatWhen the weight on one man's mindIs enough to … Continue reading Response to Inaction

I Wish I Had An STD

I wish I had an STD, maybe even a few I would start with gonorrhea, And add syphilis in there too Maybe then I'd get chlamydia And herpes sound like fun Sprinkle in some genital warts But wait, I'm not yet done Crabs, the party favorite And this new thing that I found Parasitic trichomoniasis … Continue reading I Wish I Had An STD


Many a score, a time to recall  Yearly festivities in namesake alone Amendments gain weight on a bloated body That should have sunk long ago   No longer we declare independence But a bold statement of unitedness Absolute in resolution, equality for each life liberty unquestioned, with justice impartial And the fulfilment of happiness not … Continue reading United