Heavy is the Head

7. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara Location: The top of the headColour: Violet or whiteElement: ThoughtMeaning: Awareness, intelligence A white lightAtop the headFinally the meaningOf lifeIs a clear pathMy therapistWill have to admitI'm a lighthouse now Awareness and intelligenceAbove all elseLinked to the amoral belowDragging the crown down I'm having violet thoughts. Do you mean … Continue reading Heavy is the Head

Criminal Institute of America

The pinnacle of human rightsIn the land of the free (A matter of perspective) Speak your mindWire tapped by designbroad stripes and bright starsEvolved with the times The webcam spiesOur flag was still there Mission statement:Surveillance will prevail Drug trafficking and testingNazis on the payroll One step ahead Informed we keep you safeFrom yourselvesIn the … Continue reading Criminal Institute of America