Haiku/Senryü/Zappai: Holy Trinity

Haiku Laundered sheets of iceSoft with pristine innocenceTortured by the sun A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression. Senryü Freshly laundered sheetsSoft with pristine innocencetortured by our acts Senryū (川柳, literally … Continue reading Haiku/Senryü/Zappai: Holy Trinity

In Dreams

What can be captured in wakeful statesIs necessity, not choiceThe equilibrium often dictatesWithout a voiceTucked within forgotten dreamsA tense all too terseAs the lucid love of moonbeamsDelivered in verseBlood rushing to cherub cheeksAbashed in innocenceBracing against the rhythmic creaksIs hidden common senseThe days are made to follow onAs the abandon of empty flasksThe contents considered … Continue reading In Dreams


Golden Words bestowed In youth hindsight remains ahead Aged A handful of Innocence with my fingers spread I Dared cut My teeth on a loaf of ancient bread No Need of fear In preparation, done is done, for the dead The lifetime pursuit of pain Let it not be in vain Pray for gain


  It's awful how adulthood can take a word full of joy and turn it into something so tawdry.   When I hear my three year old son say he wants to swing, I just shake my head and sigh.   The day we learn about homonymy is the day innocence is lost.