Third Eye Bright

6. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna Location: The forehead, between the eyesColour: IndigoElement: LightMeaning: Intuition, imagination Indigo as a colour choicemakes perfect senseIntuition and imaginationare illusive and personalMuch like the long standing debateOver what the colour actually looks like New excuse to try on my work colleagues:I'm sorry, I can't listen to you, you're … Continue reading Third Eye Bright

Tanka: The River Flows On

the        river                flows                            on profound             streaks                      crease                                    the                                        landscape formed             with                      time                                 in                                       mind consciousness                                a                                  constant                                               stream the   river   flows   eternal

Processing the Nonsense in my Head

I decided I would write a post about the nonsense in my head.Normally throughout the day I will jot down ideas, thoughts, random words, things I've heard or learned.These notes later become posts.Below are 24 hours worth of such entries.Enjoy Whistling indoors summons evil spirits in China Zz top legs insult to paraplegic community?Or great … Continue reading Processing the Nonsense in my Head