King of the Hellmouth

I was born on a faultline that tremored with a million fears. A gateway prepared to consume mankind. I am the seal, the final defence, of the thinning membrane that is the Hellmouth of Maine.The voices inside me, scream and beg just below the surface, waiting to break free from my skin.I form words into … Continue reading King of the Hellmouth

Unwelcome House Guest

"Damn apartment buildings! They make me feel like I'm in a sealed box with a pack of clawing rats." Freddie struck a match and brought it to the cigarette stub fused to his bottom lip. "Your neighbours woke me up again last night. Same time, three in the morning, just screaming and thumping on the … Continue reading Unwelcome House Guest

Thrill Of The Chase [For the hearing impaired]

[eerie music][leaves rustling][distant metal clatter][nearby howl] [gasps][intense music][racing footsteps echo down hallway][high pitched claws scraping on wall][tired panting][animalistic shrieks][sobbing][door handle shaking][door creaks open][low growl][footsteps approach][stifled moans][claws slowly clicking on tile floor][heartbeat thumping rapidly][sniffs air][muffled breathing][door slams closed][exhales]