I Shall Be Pleasing

My conditionMy statusDepends on you You are the hopeThat sees me through I shall be pleasingYou whisperSweet songs to my ear Our relationshipBuilt on lies You do nothing for meStill I need youWhat would I do without you How could I ever say noHow could I ever let go Of my placebo


To hold steadfast To the last In fear more so than hope Is to crush the gentle spirit Struggling to cope Have faith In love And peace And without aim Release Give a moments pause If not What you cherish May perish Do you wish to be the cause? Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Cherish

A Public Service Announcement From Life

Look to the horizon! You'll find hope there Keep looking... Keep looking... [whispers over shoulder] Have you loaded up their stuff yet? [voice from back] No That's right, keep looking... Don't worry Just you wait Salvation will arrive [under breath] When there's nothing left to live for