Home Away From Home

A flower pickeddeath warrant signedA piece of fruitpoorly designed When does a walkBecome a hike?With the sweat on your brow?the blisters on your feet?Or the pretentious mannerof an enthusiast? 6 random words Motorboats shred the lake to ribbons Perfect summer blissLife without need of reasonA home away from homeonly for one select season Weekly Theme:Summer … Continue reading Home Away From Home

Cywydd Llosgyrnog: The Arrow

With a trained eye on the targetan archer's firing stance presetthe heart inset let free fliesNo longer with control or swayhe must trust the arrow not strayand find the way where home lies Lines 1, 2, 4, and 5 are 8 syllables in length with lines 1 and 2 rhyming as well as lines 4 … Continue reading Cywydd Llosgyrnog: The Arrow

We Are Home

Nerves reach the iris of the skyAn azure reassurance up on highThe eye winks, anticipating prayerFingers clasp shut releasing airA sermon preached in shifting leavesForm a cocoon of unity each believesAnswers in the silence roamEvery one whispers 'we are home' Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts

In You

In each a country, with freedom to reignOver boundless borders, treacherous terrainTo ragged shoreline whipped by burly galesWhere the wind swept cliffs conjure tall tales The wilderness whispers, deep in seclusionAcross the expanse, of the ever changing illusionA lifetime of solitude to peer beyond the veilAlas, within myself no answer would prevail Senses foreign, distant … Continue reading In You