Feel the Heat

The sounds of angelscaress my earI am transported...My other senses followrising to the heavens An uncouth beer swellersnaps my reverie. "Dude, you're burning the steaks!" errant splashfish skip watergulls slow Sauna Burning heatsSearing seats Willing participantsAll without pants Naked and boilingWith some harmless oiling A pleasurable escapeComparable to a hellscape Survival a tall orderFollowed by … Continue reading Feel the Heat

Home Away From Home

A flower pickeddeath warrant signedA piece of fruitpoorly designed When does a walkBecome a hike?With the sweat on your brow?the blisters on your feet?Or the pretentious mannerof an enthusiast? 6 random words Motorboats shred the lake to ribbons Perfect summer blissLife without need of reasonA home away from homeonly for one select season Weekly Theme:Summer … Continue reading Home Away From Home

Got Wood?

Driftwood Scattered hullSettle here, beachtravel no further Lost piece, wasted, spentreborn in purpose, whole time is slowerIn the spacebetween buildingsPockets of bygone daysSheltered in openness It was a small boxWhich made it easy to packBut I'm not sureMy wife and IWill both fit in thisBanana hammock Rowboat Tarred bellyResting on the sandWatching the waterFrom the … Continue reading Got Wood?